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About Us

private yacht charter turkey With a 20 year proven background in Private Gulet Charters sector, we are proud to be providing top quality service to yachting fraternity all around the globe in their sailing holidays in Turkey.

The flotilla of Blue Fun Yachting consists of the most distinguished gulets of their respective categories. Our gulets are modern versions of traditional Bodrum design vessels.  The yachts in our portfolio have spacious, uncluttered decks with space for lounging, sunbathing, reading, and of course napping. Crews are devoted to providing you with a relaxing vacation. From the standard category to deluxe category, our gulets have a proven record in terms of service and features. We are meticulous in constantly monitoring the gulets and the crew so that we continue to be the top provider of royal quality gulet cruises in the region. Each year we inspect the gulets and add new ones to our portfolio.

As you know the Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey offers the most spectacular gulet yacht cruising in whole of Europe with its scenically beautiful, astonishingly rich legacy of archaeological ruins and historic sites.

For thousands of years these shores have nurtured human civilization. Now, they wait to be explored through the ruins of an endless succession of cultures that gave birth to modern western civilization. The natural beauty of these shorelines is unparalleled, and cruising the turquoise waters provides an incredible escape from the ordinary routine of life.

The indication of the fact that we are on the right track is that our client portfolio consists of most distinguished and discerning sea lovers all around the world, who keep coming back to us for assistance in yet another perfect Blue Cruise Turkey holiday.

When you prefer one of our yachts for your holiday, you can be assured that you are in the hands of best of the seamen of this region, who know the region with all its "in"s and "out"s. We invite you to cost effectively enjoy your Blue Cruise under careful and sincere hospitality of our professional crews.

Join us for an incomparable Blue Cruise along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as Greek Islands. We say better be safe than sorry and ask you to ask us for our many references from satisfied charter clients all around the world.



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