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Archeology Cruises


The antique settlements along the shore line are both historical monuments and a testament to mankind's fleeting presence on Earth. But the whole Private Gulet Charter Turkey holiday is not limited to ancient sites. The various routes cut through small villages along the shore and a few towns where you also have the opportunity to experience Turkey's enchanting contemporary culture.

trusted yacht charter turkey 1) CARIAN COAST (7 DAYS)

The classic Blue Cruise.  Idyllic cruising on your gulet through ancient Caria, the Gulf of Gökova, Seven Islands, Sögüt, Knidos and Datca.

One of the classical Bodrum embarkation itineraries is the route covering 'Bodrum-Gulf of Gökova-Bodrum'. The main attraction on this route is the most enchanting and untouched bays of the Gulf of Gökova, in addition to Bodrum environs. The Gulf is home to hills covered with unmatched alpine forests coming right down to the shore line. The striking presence of coves and inlets lined one after another and the archaeological sites scattered about the shore line are just some things we recommend should be seen. One of those famous locations is the Cleopatra Beach, which has an especially fine sandy shoreline. Legend says it that the sand was brought all the way from Egypt for Cleopatra. Sea life in the Gulf of Gökova is immensely rich in terms of variety, home to some 250 different species. Gulf of Gökova is also a breeding ground for "''Carcharhinus Plumbeus'', a species of sand dwelling shark, completely harmless to humans. Fishing is prohibited in the area and those adorable sharp species is under protection.


trusted yacht cruise turkey 2)  LYRICAL LYCIA (7 DAYS)

This charter explores ancient Lycia with Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kas, Kekova and Kalkan as ports of call. Excursions to the sunken city of Simena and Myra available.  7-14 days.

The region is an ideal and grasping location for those who seek to re-discover what nature has to offer to the suburban dwelling city people but at the same time, to satisfy their curiosity about the antique civilizations that have made our shores home in distant past. The world renowned Sunken City, yet another sample of antiquity that was devastated by an earthquake. And that is not all; Private Gulet Charter passengers will have the opportunity to engage in much optionally organized land based activities such as visiting the archaeological sites close by, trekking, cycling etc. One of the most popular activities is a visit to Church of Saint Nicholas. (aka. Santa Claus) in Demre town.


trusted yacht holidays turkey 3) WEST LYCIAN COAST (7 DAYS)

Just as it is the case with Cruising Eastern Lycia, this route provides the opportunity to explore a quite beautiful stretch of coastline and an extraordinary culture. This tour covers virtually an untouched coastline of ancient Lycia. The funerary architecture, unlike anything else in the world, still litters their once prosperous settlements and ports.

Each day we will visit one of the antique cities that adorn this timeless coast. Holiday makers will take the opportunity to stroll along ancient roads lined with wild flora or endless olive groves that are home to ancient rock tombs.  Indeed, the active holiday maker will love to snorkel over sunken harbors, and climb rocky terrain to enjoy unrivalled vistas.  The remnants of mighty theatres to private abodes to churches floored with mosaics are places of archaeological adventure through the historical puzzle that reveals the remarkable story of human civilization. Opportunity presents itself every day there for a swim in the crystal waters of the Turquoise coast, or to windsurf, kayak, or go for a pleasant walk.

Highlights include the capital Xanthos, whose great treasures caused an extraordinary stir when they were taken to the British Museum. Patara possess one of the finest beaches in the world and was a great city. The archaeologists are uncovering more of its secrets every year. Clinging to Gemiler Island is a small town that shone only in Byzantine times and is well known for its churches.


trusted gulet charter turkey 4) EAST LYCIAN COAST (7 DAYS)

Exploring this section of antique Lycia, we step back in time, to see how the old towns evolved from Greek, Roman and Byzantine times to the present day. Their often strategic location, history, and state of preservation make for some of the most fascinating sites of antiquity.

Indeed, the best way of exploring the Lycians' maritime culture will be on board one of our distinguished gulets. Your gulet will reach otherwise inaccessible places, often adorned with antiquities, in relaxing and stylish fashion, at your own pace. Aspendos, whose theatre is still used for regular concert performances and whose soaring aqueduct brought precious water from a distant spring to a marbled hilltop fountain, is just one of the highlights. Myra is well known for one of the most stupendous collections of Lycian rock cut tombs. The Roman theatre in front of the cliff-face makes on e feel as if the city was transformed into a city of the dead. Arykanda, carved out on high terraces, is one of Turkey's finest treasures, regularly likened to Delphi.


trusted gulet cruise turkey 5) LYCIA TO CARIA (10-14 DAYS)

This route entails an archaeological cruise that interweaves the magic of the Turkish coast with that of the Greek islands. Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, site of the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is our embarkation point.

From there our direction will be the Gocek area. One of the greatest archaeological gems on Turkey's southwest coast: Caunos, with its exquisite rock-cut temple tombs, and beautifully preserved Knidos, a monumental marbled city are what await the explorer. The Greek island that is home to one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world, Rhodes as well as the Greek island of Symi, home to great samples of finest neo-classical style are what makes this archaeology tour a magical journey. The superb combination of breathtaking vistas and glorious swims, antique sites, quiet coves, wondrous walks and exquisite food, all amongst untouched nature will take away all the worries you had before you began this voyage.

With such rich and strategically vital cities, the area was a crossroads of civilizations. Alexander the Great liberated it from Persia, Rhodes sought to carve it into an empire, and the legacy of Crusader castles still speaks of the epic battle between Christianity and Islam.


trusted gulet holidays turkey6) AEGEAN EPHESUS (7-10 DAYS)

Cruise ancient Ionia, beginning with Didyma, Iassos, the port of Kusadasi, Gumusluk, and Knidos. Guided excursion to Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary can be arranged.  7-10 days.

This itinerary is similar to the one that covers Antalya and beyond and is mainly chosen by those who are more interested in archaeology, early Christianity and ancient architecture. Natural, protected coves are relatively small in numbers in comparison to the region between Bodrum and Antalya. However, this route will bring the passengers closer to such world heritage sites as Ephesus, Church of Mary, and Miletus, Didyma and Priene and the opportunity to meet and interact with the locals.




trusted motoryacht charter turkey 7)  TROJAN JOURNEY (14 DAYS)

A two week cruise rich in history.

The cruise starts at the Kusadasi port with a half-day land tour of Ephesus combined. Cesme, Foca, and Dikili are the locations visited and excursion to Bergama is optional. Ayvalik and Troy will be the next stops and Assos, the famous teaching center of antiquity south of Çanakkale in Ayvacik County. Aristotle, Plato's most famous student, was invited to Assos and spent over three years living and teaching there. Another place of interest is the famed Troy area where you will have the opportunity to visit the ruins on a land trip. From Troy the return trip starts and the same route is followed back to Kusadasi.


trusted motoryacht cruise turkey8) WEST CILICIAN (14 days)

Ordinarily, this is not an itinerary offered by many because of the change in the conditions of the sea and the shoreline after Antalya as well as lack of protected coves. Nevertheless, those of you the history buff may be interested in the antique settlements lined one after another along the Mediterranean trade routes and you will need at least a 2 week program for such a fulfilling voyage. The many ruins of antique Cilician cities and numerous city states as well as Roman and Byzantium settlements are mystical even to the naked eye. Some of the sites around may be visited on short land trips. The cruise may start at Antalya and finish at Tasucu port of Mersin or, return to Antalya may be preferred.

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