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The Blue Cruise will indeed provide you with the best of swimming in the clearest waters ever, diving or snorkeling over stupendous sunken cities, peaceful reading and simply unwinding. But, we also know that some of you with curious and active minds will want to know whether it would be possible to engage in additional activities other than offered in a Private Gulet Charter package.

The superb geography of this ancient land surely has more to it than it seems over Internet! Our Agency understands and agrees with you that a holiday can evolve into an all encompassing adventure throughout your limited Private Yacht Charter Holiday in Turkey or Greek Isles and as such,  pays special attention to replenishing its activities and searching in order to assist you and organise optional land and/or water based activities during your Private Gulet Cruise.

The type and methods of engaging in additional activities that are sensibly disbursed in your itinerary of course largely depend on the length and route of the cruise. We have here evaluated the main activities that may be optionally combined into your voyage.

Be assured that we will do our utmost to combine into your Blue Cruise any one or more of the activities we have summarised here in terms of regional availability. All you need to do is consult with us with your intentions and we will fill the gap.

 Enquire a Yacht Charter in Turkey