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Terms & Conditions

private blue cruise charter marmaris How does the process work?

Subsequent to the decision making process in terms of the type of vessel you wish to charter for your purposes, the locations you will include in the itinerary, optional activities you may wish to engage in, your interests and expectations from such a gulet cruising holiday and any other arrangement details, we forward a signed Yacht Charter Contract for you to agree upon with your signature. The provisions of our Yacht Charter Contract are based on MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association-World Wide Yachting Association) guidelines, detailing the yacht specifications, cruise dates, itinerary, cruising area, and cost and is legally binding.

The copy undersigned by you may be returned as scanned email attachment or faxed through to our number. Agreement to the Contract provides that 50% of the total charter fee is due to be transferred to the Agency bank Account specified in the Contract. Client will be issued with acknowledgement of clearance of the deposited fund. The balance remaining shall be paid upon embarkation or transferred to the agency account just before the tour date.

Once the above phase is covered, we will forward a detailed questionnaire in due time requesting information on your   travel arrangements, guest list, likes and dislikes, special requirements, food preferences etc. for organizational and administrative purposes. The information provided by you will be discussed with you in some detail to ensure we make sure things run smoothly, as is expected from our agency. We aim to make everything ready and set to begin your Private Yacht Charter once you arrive so that you have a piece of mind from the word go knowing that every other detail has been organized on your behalf.

If at any time during your Blue Voyage you have any concerns, please remember that we are there to contact.


One of the factors that we feel to be of extreme importance is that of insurance arrangements. We strongly advise our clients to obtain the necessary insurance cover in case of any cancellations, unforeseen events etc. All vessels in our flotilla are insured against harms and damages to third parties (limited insurance).

What does the charter fee cover?

Charter Fee covers the charter of the yacht with all its equipment in working order, tools, stores, transit log and port costs in Turkish waters, fuel and lubrication for Ship's engine ( approximately 4 hours daily motor sailing), Ship's laundry, the crew's wages, service etc.

Excluded from the fee are:

Generally, the yachts are chartered excluding the costs for food and beverages, except arranged otherwise. The port and agency costs in Greek waters, if part of itinerary, will be met by the client. Additionally, costs for fuel used in such water sports as Jet Ski, water skiing, wakeboarding etc. will also be met by the client.

 Enquire a Yacht Charter in Turkey