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What is a Gulet?


special gulet holidays greek islandsPrecise origins of the word "gulet" to describe those superb sea going vessels in Turkish are not known but one can find French references to 'goulette' in the 18th century literature. The dictionary definition of gulet is: "A two-masted, lightly rigged sailing vessel, smaller than a brig, with a fully rigged foremast with square sails and the mainmast with gaff-rigged mainsail.".

Today the gulet, varying in size from 14 to 44 meters, is very popular for Private Yacht Charter Holidays although, diesel power is now almost universally used along with sails. This means you can sail when the wind is available, but go wherever you want with motor power in shorter time. Gulets are particularly good as pleasure sailing vessels because of their broad beam, and plenty of room below decks. The aft deck of a gulet is broad, fitted with a low, cushioned bench all around lounging, reading, relaxing or a siesta, which can be shaded by an awning in order for protection from the sun and is large enough to fit a small table. Foredeck is the place for sunbathing.  Specially designed fittings and furnishings range from pine wood to oak and stainless steel to rich mahogany and burnished brass.

These two masted wooden ketch or schooner-rigged yacht with widely varying sail plans and characterized by a sharp bow, a wide rounded stern and a broad beam are built of wood and their design allows passengers more space on deck.

Traditionally made by master craftsmen from the Aegean town of Bodrum, gulets (gulette, goulette, and guletta) are known to be used by fisherman and sponge divers to transport their catch until, this most popular of Private Yacht Charter became famous when Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, a political writer, was sentenced to a number of years in exile in the remote port of Bodrum, which he knew nothing of its lifestyle. Befriending the local sponge divers and fisherman, he soon discovered that the region was something like paradise. He made Bodrum home and adopted the name, the "Fisherman of Halikarnassos", writing stories about the town and the fishermen. On his regular outings with the sea workers, he gradually got to discover the surrounding coves and bays and gulfs. At a later stage, together with visiting friends from Istanbul he observed the fishermen's way of life and they constructed a theory of culture, which embraced the cultures of ancient and current cultures of Asia Mino. Thus, the tours gradually became famous and were given the name, "Blue Cruise" or "Blue Voyage".

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